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History of Four Buttes

Click Photo To EnlargeThe little town of Four Buttes, located in central Daniels County, received its name from the four unusual buttes that tower above the prairie west of town. These buttes were known as "Whiskey Buttes" in the early days because of being a meeting place between Indians and those who would trade whiskey to them

These flat topped formations stand out in rolling prairie country and in more recent years have been a favorite site for community picnics. The town sprang up in 1926, a few months after the Great Northern railroad was extended west form Scobey. In August of that year the newly constructed Farmers Elevator, with a capacity of 35,000 bushels, began receiving grain. This elevator burned in September, 1944, but another, built by a line company, was purchased by the farmers in the early '40s and is still in use.

Until 1967 area children received their elementary education in a one room country school building that was moved into town. A bus now takes the children to school in Scobey.

Additional History


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