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History of Peerless

Named after a bottle of Peerless Beer around 1912, it evolved into a bustling town of businesses, many long forgotten. These included "moonshiners" and "boozerunners" and even a house of ill repute. More stable firms included general stores, lumber yards, saloons, restaurants, barbershops, dentist office, blacksmith and mechanic shops, gas stations and hotels.

First "town" in the area was established in 1912 just southwest of the present site: this moved 3 miles east in 1914. Peerless again moved to be on the GN rail line in 1926, so it is the youngest established town site in the county.

Peerless has a rich history of colorful characters. "Whitey the Gambler" shot and killed a man in the early days and was given 30 days to leave town. Others had mysterious backgrounds. One served time for a killing that some old-timers thought was committed by someone else, although they were reluctant to say who.

No one ever knew where a mysterious local farmer, John Brown, came from or anything of his past. He had quite a sum of money when found dead in the late '50s with a .38 strapped to his chest and another alongside his bed.

The area also has a great history in sports, ranging from wild bronc riding to the Peerless Pirates independent basketball team.

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